AWS Rekognition working overview

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Face recognition is a method of identifying or verifying a person’s identity using his or her face. Face detection systems can be used to identify people in photos, video, or real-time. Law enforcement can also use mobile devices to identify people when police stop.

But facial recognition data can be flawed, which can affect people for crimes they did not commit. Recognition software is very bad at identifying African Americans and other minority races, women, and young people, often unfamiliar with or unable to identify them, affecting certain groups differently.

Amazon Rekognition is a service that…

Performing a simple Logistic regression in Rstudio for mtcars dataset

Classification image (Source- Pixabay)

Linear regression is the most basic type of regression machine learning technique. On the other hand, the logistic regression machine learning technique is one of the most simple and basic algorithms for classification problems. Some of the examples of classification are Online transaction fraud, tumor malignin, and E-mail spam classification. In logistic regression logistic sigmoid function is used to transform the output to return a probability value. So, one can say that the logistic regression algorithm is a predictive analysis algorithm based on the concept of probability. Logistic regression is…

Index with book index for example


Indexes are special lookup tables that are created so that the database search engine can use them to speed-up data retrieval. Basically, a file is a pointer to information in a table. It is similar to a book index which points towards specific information using some key which helps us to easily locate the page with the required information. …

Introduction :

Big data is the most discussed topic in the technology world today. The total potential of big data is much higher than one used today because of the amount of big data being generated everyday and traditional data management system. To solve the challenges related to big data management and processing Apache software foundation introduced Hadoop. Hadoop is an open-source framework to store and process big data in distributed environment. The Hadoop ecosystem contains large set of modules or tools for handling different tasks related to big data processing. …

By- Vikrant thakur (Data Science Student)

JDBC Login page in 7 minutes

For development of any kind of application like web application, Mobile application or any other real time software a good connection between Project (Front End) and its Database is required. JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) is the process of establishing a connection between application interface development in an IDE and database through a server.

The JDBC interface consists of two layers:

1) The JDBC API supports communication between the Java application and the JDBC manager.

2) The JDBC driver supports communication between the JDBC manager and the database driver.

-By Vikrant Thakur (Data science student)


An operating system works as an interface between user and the hardware (Computer System). The possibility of one reading this article with an android device is very much because it is one of the most used Mobile-OS in the world. Whether it be using GPS location, Messaging service, Powerful Mobile Applications for entertainment, gaming, clicking pictures and many other things everything has been made easy by android devices. So, let’s explore the history, working and every other detail about Android-OS.


Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of…

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